5 Reasons why self-publishing a book may be a good idea

Transitioning your book from your desk to the bookshelves is a lot of work. But, if that's your dream, you will need to do what it takes! Traditionally, contacting publishing houses and talking to literary agents was your only way to go. Trying to impress publishers and agents is quite a task and often takes a really long time. But today, self-publishers are more popular and many have found it to be very convenient too. Here are five reasons why self-publishing a book may be a good idea: You retain all the copyrights In traditional publishing, you need to give up the copyrights to your work to the publisher. When you self publish a book, you get to retain all rights to your book, whether it is a print book or an eBook. Whether they are rights limited to a particular geography or rights to sell the story to a potential film maker, with self publishing, you can keep all the rights. You are responsible for your own success Self-publishing is a lot of work and strategic planning. It requires you to invest a lot of time in market research and target audience. But the sweet victory lays after all those efforts. You feel a sense of pride in your success after your book has been downloaded beyond the numbers you expected. Well, whether you succeed or not, you are solely responsible! Faster and easier There's no query letters to prepare, no follow ups with publishers or agents, no squabbles with editors and no rejections to face with self-publishing. It's just so much easier without too many external dependencies. Moreover, there is no interference in the plot, the story line and you can edit it the way you want. Good self published books are few Since it is easy, there are just too many people doing it. This also implies that since the entry barrier is low, there may not be too many actually good books there, which means that if your book is really good, the competition really isn't that much. However, standing out in a flooded market is a challenge so be prepared to put in the work to make your book stand above the fray. You make all the decisions With self-publishing, you have the freedom to publish anything you want. With traditional publishing, even though the book has a great premise and plot, it may be rejected. The decision solely depends on the publisher's perception of your book. If you want to be free from all this, you can select the path of self publishing and make all the decisions of where, when and how yourself! Finally, contacting self-publishing companies could be a great choice if you are trying to make a debut. But remember that even though it sounds like a quick and easy way to publish a book, it's definitely going to require a lot of hard work. Making a list of self-publishers, preparing the entire marketing and publishing content etc. will require a lot of time and effort. Also be sure to research publishers on sites like Absolute Write and Preditors and Editors to make sure they are legitimate. If you have all the resources in place, this option is definitely rewarding!