Recapping Catalog Generation

  Since our last update about Single Title Sell Sheets, I've gotten a number of requests asking to recap PubMatch's Catalog Generation Tool (CGT). The Catalog Generation Tool is one of the most popular tools on PubMatch. It has turned itself into a go to resource for PubMatch users who see it as not only a great tool for prepping for a book fair (ie creating a large catalog, downloading the PDF and sending it to the printer), but as a valuable marketing tool, and a great on-the-go tool for sending people detailed information about their books upon request. In... Read More

New Profile Feature: Single Title Sell Sheets

On PubMatch, we make it our business to make sure that we're serving the needs of all of the different categories of members that utilize the network--publishers, agents and authors. The catalog creation tool available to our Premium Members is one of our most popular tools (saving publishers and agents hours upon hours of prep when they're creating catalogs for upcoming book fairs, or following up on meetings). The tool however didn't have much of a benefit for those with only a single title (or perhaps just a handful of titles). With that in mind, we went to the drawing... Read More

Advanced Searching By Country: Find US Publishers and Content

When PubMatch was first launched, it was in response to a meeting held at the Beijing International Book Fair, where with all good intentions, BIBF management created a networking session between US and Chinese publishers, but no one spoke because no one had a jump off point. PubMatch was created to be that jump off point, but then it obviously took on a life of it's own. Lots from that original inspiration has stuck around PubMatch, both as part of the network and as questions and interest surrounding the network. On issue in particular is that publishers from all over... Read More

New International Book Fair

One of the catalysts for creating PubMatch—and an ideal we hold onto still—was to enhance the book fair experience for publishers, agents and authors around the world. Book Fairs are a major important part of business for the international publishing community (we always like to remind people that Harry Potter wouldn't have left the UK market if not for the Bologna Children's Book Fair). So when a new book fair is announced to the publishing world, it has potential to be a big deal. The China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF) was announced recently, and it's positioned to make... Read More

New Venture for PubMatch

This past BookExpo America was exciting for PubMatch for countless reasons (and some that you'll see integrated into the PubMatch system in coming months—hush hush kind of stuff), but one of them was the announcement and launch of a new venture with whom PubMatch is partnering: BookWorks—The Self Publishers Association! BookWorks, founded by former William Morrow Editor-in-Chief Betty Sargent, includes a wealth of information for current and hopeful self-published authors, like vetted resources (like editors, designers, self publishing companies and loads more), its own bookshop for authors to sell their titles from, an incredibly informative blog, and great networking/educational opportunities.... Read More

Ditch the Spreadsheet

Over the past year and a half or so, we’ve shown PubMatch to thousands of people, from self published authors, to midsized publishers, to very well known and influential agencies throughout the world.  We've gotten almost universal praise for the system, but when push comes to shove—particularly in the agent community—there’s been a resistance to new technology.  Apparently, this is a long standing resistance.  I say long standing, because when we query as to what technology the people in question are currently using, the response is almost always, “Microsoft Excel.” Let’s first state for the record that we LOVE Microsoft... Read More