Advanced Searching By Country: Find US Publishers and Content

When PubMatch was first launched, it was in response to a meeting held at the Beijing International Book Fair, where with all good intentions, BIBF management created a networking session between US and Chinese publishers, but no one spoke because no one had a jump off point. PubMatch was created to be that jump off point, but then it obviously took on a life of it's own. Lots from that original inspiration has stuck around PubMatch, both as part of the network and as questions and interest surrounding the network. On issue in particular is that publishers from all over the world are particularly interested in US content, and for that, PubMatch is a great resource. Of the over 7 thousand members of PubMatch, just less than half are from the US, which makes it quite a pool of US content. There are also thousands of titles in English from US publishers, all with available rights around the world. To find users or titles from the US (or any country for that matter), the quickest way is to use the advanced search tool, choose what you're looking for (agents, authors, publishers, titles or available rights) and be sure to choose the USA (or any country) this: advancedsearchss No matter what country you're hoping to find content from, PubMatch can be a great resource--and the advanced search page will only make it easier for you.