Frankfurt Book Fair Happenings

With The Frankfurt Book Fair just around the corner, we wanted to take this opportunity to get excited about all the great things PubMatch has going on at Frankfurt this year! Rights Catalogs Done Easy: Even before you get onsite in Frankfurt, you'll probably be thinking about the rights catalogs you'll need to bring and the follow up you'll have to do. Well, we've been thinking the same way, so we've been working hard to revamp our catalog generation tool! Premium PubMatch members can make as many catalogs as they want right from their PubMatch profile, and now they can... Read More

How Many of you Are There?

About a week ago, we returned from the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest and most active book fair in the world.  When we refer to the "activity" of a book fair, it's in part referencing the traffic on the show floor, the number of people attending, the number of conversations had, etc.  But for a fair like Frankfurt, one of the biggest gauges for activity is the  number of rights transactions taking place.  A rights transaction refers to the signing of a contract from a rights holder (or representative of the rights holder) to a buyer who is purchasing the... Read More

Rights Catalog on Your Website

PubMatch's Rights Catalog Creation Tool is one of the most popular tools on PubMatch. Simply put, people have told us that the tool has saved them literally days of work--whether while prepping for a major book fair, or recapping information from a meeting--the ability to have a formatted way to send title data has been more than well received. When you create a catalog on PubMatch, it's a great way to share information with other PubMatch members, or with anybody who will eventually receive a copy of the rights catalog. However, it occurred to us that pre-arranged meetings, book fairs... Read More

New Partnership with Alliance of Independent Authors

We are very excited to announce that we've partnered with the Alliance of Independent Authors from the UK to make PubMatch available to their members! ALLi as they're known has developed a reputation as a great resource for authors who have published and who want to publish, and PubMatch is a natural fit for their members. We first met ALLi a the recent BookExpo America, and discussed all of the synergies we could forge together, and I think it's fair to say this is just the start. We look forward to a great relationship with ALLi's authors and their entire... Read More

Do You Have A Comment?

There are a lot of factors that go into making somebody interested in purchasing the rights to a book: the content, the quality, the caliber of author, the potential readership, the price, and countless others. Pedigree does go a long way for attracting attention however, and pedigree can come in many forms. Positive reviews from professional sources can pique an interest, and so can reader reviews. In fact, reader and peer reviews seem to drive sales more than those from critics (see this case study from Amazon). Much like the career trajectory of an indie rock band, word of mouth... Read More

Recapping Catalog Generation

  Since our last update about Single Title Sell Sheets, I've gotten a number of requests asking to recap PubMatch's Catalog Generation Tool (CGT). The Catalog Generation Tool is one of the most popular tools on PubMatch. It has turned itself into a go to resource for PubMatch users who see it as not only a great tool for prepping for a book fair (ie creating a large catalog, downloading the PDF and sending it to the printer), but as a valuable marketing tool, and a great on-the-go tool for sending people detailed information about their books upon request. In... Read More

Advanced Searching By Country: Find US Publishers and Content

When PubMatch was first launched, it was in response to a meeting held at the Beijing International Book Fair, where with all good intentions, BIBF management created a networking session between US and Chinese publishers, but no one spoke because no one had a jump off point. PubMatch was created to be that jump off point, but then it obviously took on a life of it's own. Lots from that original inspiration has stuck around PubMatch, both as part of the network and as questions and interest surrounding the network. On issue in particular is that publishers from all over... Read More

New International Book Fair

One of the catalysts for creating PubMatch—and an ideal we hold onto still—was to enhance the book fair experience for publishers, agents and authors around the world. Book Fairs are a major important part of business for the international publishing community (we always like to remind people that Harry Potter wouldn't have left the UK market if not for the Bologna Children's Book Fair). So when a new book fair is announced to the publishing world, it has potential to be a big deal. The China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF) was announced recently, and it's positioned to make... Read More