Do You Have A Comment?

There are a lot of factors that go into making somebody interested in purchasing the rights to a book: the content, the quality, the caliber of author, the potential readership, the price, and countless others. Pedigree does go a long way for attracting attention however, and pedigree can come in many forms. Positive reviews from professional sources can pique an interest, and so can reader reviews. In fact, reader and peer reviews seem to drive sales more than those from critics (see this case study from Amazon). Much like the career trajectory of an indie rock band, word of mouth can break a book into the mainstream, help drive domestic sales, and garner enough attention to have foreign suitors a-callin'. On PubMatch, one of our biggest goals (besides providing our users with a great title and rights management solution) is to help everyone find potential foreign rights buying partners. With our title management program, we give you the tools to input every piece of information that's pertinent to each one of your titles. However, there's no accounting for the random review--until now. We're happy to announce that users can now leave comments on title pages! We're encouraging everyone to push traffic to their title pages and start getting some comments and reviews. We believe that if a potential buyer sees a page rich with user comments and reviews that it will make a greater impact, and our goal is to help everyone make a greater impact!

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