Rights Catalog on Your Website

PubMatch's Rights Catalog Creation Tool is one of the most popular tools on PubMatch. Simply put, people have told us that the tool has saved them literally days of work--whether while prepping for a major book fair, or recapping information from a meeting--the ability to have a formatted way to send title data has been more than well received. When you create a catalog on PubMatch, it's a great way to share information with other PubMatch members, or with anybody who will eventually receive a copy of the rights catalog. However, it occurred to us that pre-arranged meetings, book fairs and PubMatch profiles aren't the only places where rights details could be important to you, so we created a new HTML Embedding feature for rights catalogs. Now, with a simple cut and paste, you can post your catalog anywhere where HTML is accepted! What's the best use of this feature? Let's say you're building your new website, and you want to include a page for rights. Now, rather than building that from scratch, you can simply create a rights catalog with the color scheme you're using for your website, copy the HTML, and that part of your website is done. HTML embedding is a great tool for template based sites like WordPress also! The HTML code appears at the top of the HTML version of the catalog: perf5.500x8.500.indd   We're excited for people to start using this feature as we know that even off of PubMatch, your rights business is always going!