New International Book Fair

One of the catalysts for creating PubMatch—and an ideal we hold onto still—was to enhance the book fair experience for publishers, agents and authors around the world. Book Fairs are a major important part of business for the international publishing community (we always like to remind people that Harry Potter wouldn't have left the UK market if not for the Bologna Children's Book Fair). So when a new book fair is announced to the publishing world, it has potential to be a big deal. The China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF) was announced recently, and it's positioned to make a major splash. Not only is it a focused event (concentrating just on books for people aged 0-16—of which there are 230 million in China), but it has involvement from very important players China Education Publication and Media Group, China Educational Import and Export Co. (China's largest distributor of educational material), GAPP (the Chinese organization assigning ISBNs), and Reed Exhibitions (organizers of The London Book Fair, BookExpo America and other major book fairs around the world), among others. This marks the first time that a private company (Reed Exhibitions) is teaming up with the Chinese government to launch such an event. CCBF marks an astounding opportunity to break into the Chinese market with children's and educational material. The Chinese market is known for purchasing the rights to up to three languages for material that they purchase: Simplified Chinese (the written language in mainland China), Traditional Chinese (the written language in Taiwan and Hong Kong), and English (many Chinese children are brought up learning English along with Chinese). As you prepare for CCBF, PubMatch can help you find publishers attending, prep for the fair itself, and set up appointments. PubMatch partner Combined Book Exhibit is also a partner with CCBF, creating a cost effective exhibit for publishers who wish to have a presence at the fair either by attending themselves with a small panel display, or having their books and other products on display without attending. To learn more about CCBF, go to, and to learn about Combined Book Exhibit's opportunities at CCBF, head to