New Venture for PubMatch

This past BookExpo America was exciting for PubMatch for countless reasons (and some that you'll see integrated into the PubMatch system in coming months—hush hush kind of stuff), but one of them was the announcement and launch of a new venture with whom PubMatch is partnering: BookWorks—The Self Publishers Association! BookWorks, founded by former William Morrow Editor-in-Chief Betty Sargent, includes a wealth of information for current and hopeful self-published authors, like vetted resources (like editors, designers, self publishing companies and loads more), its own bookshop for authors to sell their titles from, an incredibly informative blog, and great networking/educational opportunities. BookWorks' newly launched website includes a profile for each of its members, which gives this very goal oriented community a way to share ideas. PubMatch is very excited to be powering the community, and ushering BookWorks authors into the PubMatch community (where BookWorks' authors are entered into automatically). BookWorks is a great fit for PubMatch, as it helps foster creativity and talent from an active audience, then allows them to come to PubMatch for greater exposure and opportunity (soon, authors and service providers here on PubMatch will be able to automatically create BookWorks profiles as well). Visit them at!