Introducing The PubMatch Bookshelf!

We are very excited to announce that we're partnering with The London Book Fair in launching an official exhibit at the 2014 LBF called The PubMatch Bookshelf!  Formerly The New Title Showcase, the PubMatch Bookshelf is an exhibit for publishers and authors to display their books at the fair, making them available to be seen by the entire audience at LBF who are all interested in rights!  Each print book will be displayed face out, with ebooks being displayed on large monitors.  Information for each title will be housed in the exhibit's catalog, along with each company or author's contact information so users can inquire directly with the user. Of course, PubMatch kiosks will be set up onsite, and all PubMatch users who participate in the exhibit will be noted as PubMatch members so visitors to the fair can contact you directly via PubMatch.  And what's more:  PubMatch members save big on participation!!  If you're a PubMatch member, check out the savings you can receive!