PubMatch at BookExpo America

BookExpo America kicks off May 27th at 1:30 for two and a half days of exciting business and opportunity for the North American and International publishing industry.  PubMatch will be on hand throughout the entirety of BEA, participating in a variety of components of BookExpo America, including: Booth 1850: PubMatch homebase is where you'll have the opportunity to meet the PubMatch team, and see the new and improved [email protected], launching at BookExpo America! International Rights Center: PubMatch is the official sponsor of the IRC, where agents and publisher rights departments meet to conduct the very business that gets books acquired.  Come by the IRC to meet its participants, and get a glimpse of PubMatch on IRC's computers. Global Market Forum: PubMatch is also a sponsor of the Global Market Forum and translation market. This year's guest of honor is China. Eastside Stage: Because China is such a force not only at this year's BookExpo, but in the world economy and the publishing industry as well, our Director of Product and Business Development Seth Dellon is taking to the Eastside Stage at 11 AM on May 28th, to talk about ways to make your book available in China--from distribution to rights sales and some direction on how those work. We're looking forward to a great BEA, where we'll have several exciting new announcements and a busy schedule.  Come by and see us!