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Your Title Database Just Got Better!

One of our goals at PubMatch, in addition to keeping you connected with other professionals in the industry, has always been to provide you with your own title database, available at your fingertips.  We know that when you’re at a book fair, you might have not the display copies of every book that might come up in conversation–and particularly what rights you do and don’t own for that specific title.  We never want you to miss an opportunity to move forward with a discussion that could lead to a sale.  As a result, we’re always working to improve–and add tools to–the title database. This week is an exciting week for us, because we’re debuting not one, but two new improvements for your use!

Add Titles Via Amazon

Amazon is perhaps the most powerful bookstore on the planet, filled with metadata on hundreds and hundreds of thousands of books–probably including your own.  To make it easier for you to add titles to your PubMatch database, we’ve built in an “Import Info From Amazon” tool that will populate your title database with the book’s title, author, description, price, binding details and cover image as they appear on Amazon simply by inputting the book’s ISBN (10 or 13):

Amazon import


Once you submit the ISBN, you’ll see the fields automatically fill with the information pulled from Amazon, giving you a great jump off point for detailing all of the relevant rights information for that title.

Improved Rights Reporting Yet Again

About a month ago, we debuted a whole slew of great new rights reporting fields for the rights you’ve already sold because knowing what rights you DON’T own is just as important as knowing the rights you DO own.  Now, rather than choosing what you want to detail, we’re giving you the option to show rights available AND rights unavailable.  You can detail those and any rights you want to make for sale using Rights@PubMatch as you add new titles, or edit old ones.

rights details


Check back often, because we’re adding new features all the time!

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