We’ve Upgraded Our Rights Reporting Capabilities

Part of knowing what rights you own--so you can sell them--is knowing what rights you don't own. But sometimes all of that information exists in the ether rather than in your database. So we've decided to upgrade the type of information you can include in your PubMatch profile for rights you've already sold, so you can have that information at your fingertips at all times When adding or editing a title to your PubMatch databse, if you choose to enter rights not available, you'll now be able to detail the language, territory and formats sold, who they've been sold to and for how long. We've also added a royalty calendar so you can keep track of when you've received your royalties and how much they were for, so you'll know if a payment was missed. You can also choose to receive a notification letting you know that the contract will expire up to a year in advance. add rights screen shot   If there are fields you'd like to see included that aren't already there, let us know at [email protected]!